A Brief Biography of Judy Lindberg McFarland

Judy Lindberg and Don McFarland were married in 1955. They are the proud parents of four beautiful married children and twelve wonderful grandchildren (ten boys, two girls and two great-grandchildren). Her mother, the late Gladys Lindberg, was one of the leading pioneers in the field of nutrition. Gladys and Walter Lindberg were the founders of Lindberg Nutrition Service, opening their first store in Los Angeles in 1949, well over 70 years ago.

Lindberg Nutrition is located in Torrance, CA with an additional location in Manhattan Beach, CA. Always a family business, their sons and daughter work with them today. They also own Nutrition Express, a mail order catalog company which offers over 4,000 nutritional products and ships them throughout the United States and Canada.
Judy graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Foods and Nutrition in 1956. She and her Mother wrote the complete nutrition book, "Take Charge of Your Health", published by Harper & Row, in 1982. Her latest book, "Aging Without Growing Old", was first published in 1997, revised and updated in 2000. A newly released 2003 edition contains the latest research, covering many health issues for both men's and women's special needs. It was written to provide the reader with answers to their many nutrition questions.
Judy McFarland has appeared as a guest on numerous television programs and several lecture series for the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), during the last twenty years. These excellent educational programs included The Doctor's Night, Doctor to Doctor, The 700 Club, The Carol Lawrence Show, Back On Course, Hope Builders and Joy. They were televised across the nation and in many parts of the world. The Doctors' Night is a three hour, prime time, television program featuring several medical doctors and Judy McFarland. In a panel format, they discuss all aspects of nutrition and alternative medical treatments. They have been TBN's most requested programs for several years!
Judy McFarland has been on a series of television programs called Doctor to Doctor on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). With a similar format to the Doctor's Night programs, this half hour program airs every Thursday at 5 am Pacific Standard Time (8 am EST). It is a series on health and nutrition which is shown around the world.
Judy has presented a series of monthly lectures for Trinity Christian City International, an affiliate of Trinity Broadcasting Network in Costa Mesa, CA.
In the early 1980's Gladys Lindberg and Judy appeared on The Regis Philbin Show in Los Angeles, CA and discussed their first book, "Take Charge of Your Health". In 1999, Judy visited the Live with Regis & Kathie Lee show in New York and Regis introduced her from the audience. Both Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford asked her nutritional questions on their nationally televised show. Regis told his audience he has been a faithful user of the Lindberg Vitamin and Mineral Packs for over 20 years. In April 2000 Regis visited the opening of our new store, Lindberg Nutrition, in Torrance, CA. While in New York in 2001, Judy visited the "Live with Regis" show and again he interviewed her from the audience. After the show Judy had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with him. They discussed nutrition and his busy schedule. He understands the importance of taking care of himself!
In 1982, Judy appeared on CBN television's, "The 700 CLUB" with the host and founder, Dr. Pat Robertson, in Virginia Beach, VA, with her mother Gladys Lindberg, to discuss their book, "Take Charge of Your Health". Judy has since returned in 1998 to discuss her "Aging Without Growing Old" book. In November 1999 Judy and Dr. Pat Robertson taped a series of eight television programs for CBN's "The 700 Club", discussing various health issues from her revised book, "Aging Without Growing Old". Dr. Robertson wrote Judy, "I am delighted at the success of the program that we did together. As far as I can tell now, the number of inquiries exceeds 152,000 which says a great deal about the popularity of what we did". These programs were shown around the world, and repeated on the Fox Family channel. CBN now reports they received over 700,000 requests for the information on Judy's and Dr. Julian Whitaker's television programs, more than any other program!
Pat Robertson has quoted Judy McFarland in "Pat's Age-Defying Shake Recipe" and in "Pat's Age Defying Antioxidants" flyers. He even reports that he takes the Lindberg Varsity Pack 2 Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. In Pat Robertson's new book, "Bring It On," he also discusses the Lindberg Varsity 2 Packs several times and refers to Judy's book, Aging Without Growing Old.
She appeared for a week of television programs with host Benny Hinn on the "This Is Your Day" show where they discussed staying well through proper nutrition. Pastor Hinn offered her "Aging Without Growing Old" book to his listeners who watched his program by satellite around the world. In March 2001 Judy presented a Nutrition Seminar on Pastor Hinn's first Caribbean Cruise.
Judy also appeared on the Financial Channel 22 in southern California. With the stock quotes running across the bottom of the screen, she reminded the audience that; "Your greatest investment should be an investment in your health, because if you lose your health, all the money in the world may not turn you around". She has been a guest on numerous radio programs across the country discussing various aspects of nutrition.
The 1996 NNFA Award was presented to Judy honoring her for ongoing and continued support of the nutrition and health industry. She was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) West, and served as secretary for several years. She has been involved in the Nutrition Industry for over 40 years. She was also elected to the National Board of Directors of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), and served for several years.
She was one of the Founders and Presidents of the American Nutrition Society, South Bay Chapter. Free lectures by famous doctors and nutritionists were presented each month for many, many years.
She has lectured to many organizations: The International Women's Conference of Possibility Thinking at Dr. Schuller's Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA; several Women's Retreat & Conferences at Hume Lake Christian Camp; The Desert Celebrity Luncheon in Rancho Mirage, CA; The Health Show, a consumer trade show, in Austin, TX; a lecture series at Rolling Hills Covenant Church; and for several Women's Aglow Fellowships, to name a few. Judy is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and attends their annual conventions and seminars. In June 2000 and 2001, she attended the First and Second International Anti-Aging Conferences in Monte Carlo, Monaco, to keep informed of the latest anti-aging information. She attended these Anti-Aging Conferences with her daughters, Laura and Gabrielle McFarland.
Several days a week she offered free nutritional counseling at her store, Lindberg Nutrition. She also provided telephone counseling on a nationwide business "hotline" for her customers. She is listed in Who's Who in California and Who's Who of Professional and Business Women. However, what gives her the most personal satisfaction is her love for the Lord and the support of her family, and in knowing she has influenced many lives by helping them attain a healthier life and zest for living.
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