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Pat's Weight Loss Shake is a popular recipe used by men and women of all age groups. Click here to read the about the products used in Pat Robertson's Weight Loss Challenge.

I have received several calls recently requesting my Special Skin Treatment Recipe. Click here for the recipe and product ordering information so that you can make this simple beauty oil at home.

In a recent TBN appearance, I mentioned my Pink Sheet (Daily Health Plan). Click here to read this plan online or order your free copy by calling (800) 338-7979. Don't forget to ask for your free Nutrition Express catalog when you call.

"Aging Without Growing Old"
A Complete Nutrition Book for Vibrant Health!

Aging Without Growing Old is meant to provide practical, easy-to-follow suggestions for maintaining good health and the sense of well-being, both physical and mental; I believe it's our birthright! I want to help you prevent all the degenerative diseases and illnesses that accompany aging, and the heartaches resulting from the loss of one's health. I hope to teach you how to prevent some of the suffering that characterizes so many lives. Since my mother Gladys Lindberg's time, there has been a tremendous amount of new, scientifically substantiated nutrition information, much of which is included in this book. However, my basic understanding of good nutrition still emanates from my precious Mother.

When we discuss the subject of aging, we must lay the nutritional foundation for abundant health. As much as we may dream about the "magic bullet" that will prevent aging or the degenerative diseases that usually accompany growing old, there is no such pill yet. I have compiled a tremendous amount of information for you to help you along this anti-aging path. I make no claims in this book that any one nutrient, vitamin, mineral, hormone or practice will help every person. All the nutrients your body needs must be supplied in sufficient and balanced quantities in order for your body to be properly nourished. This book provides you with a complete nutrition program that will help you achieve optimal health now and for the rest of your life!
Essential Information for people of all ages who seek a lifetime of good health. As we grow older can we maximize our vitality and maintain our zest for living? Judy Lindberg McFarland says, "Yes!" -- and that's what her new book is all about. Valuable chapters include:
Purchase her book now online from Nutrition Express or call (800) 338-7979! (Retail 16.99, Our Price $11.89)
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Contact Judy Lindberg McFarland

Due to large volumes of mail and her busy speaking schedule, Judy is unable to answer most mail and email messages personally. She does provide free telephone consultations via her private office line. If you are in southern California or plan to visit the area, you may wish to make an appointment to meet with her in person. Phone numbers, weekdays and times available are listed below. Please use the following guidelines to get in touch with Judy.

In Person
If you are in the southern California area, you can make an appointment to meet with Judy at Lindberg Nutrition retail store. She is usually at the Torrance store providing free nutritional workshops on Thursdays and Saturdays at 11 am. The Torrance store is located at 3804 Sepulveda Blvd (corner of Hawthorne Blvd & Sepulveda Blvd), Torrance, CA. If you would like to attend, please call (310) 378-9490 to make sure she hasn't been called out of town, and ask for the Vitamin Department. She would love to meet with you and answer your questions!
By Telephone
You can reach Judy by calling her private line at (310) 544-7612, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10 am to Noon, Pacific Standard Time. This number is frequently busy, so keep trying. Occasionally, Judy travels on these days. Unfortunately, she is unable to take voice mail messages or return calls. Her consultations are free, but be sure to have your Nutrition Express catalog available to help you. Click here to order your FREE catalog now!
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