Maximize Your Brain Power: Essential Nutrients

Essential Nutrients for Healthy Brian Function
Scientific evidence is currently stimulating a resurgence of interest in the link between nutrition and cognition. Interest is focused on what is called “subclinical” malnutrition — which is a nutritional deficiency that is relatively mild. These subclinical deficiencies manifest themselves with very subtle symptoms, generally ones related to brain functions such as intelligence and memory.

Numerous studies have confirmed that a selective vitamin deficiency can cause mental problems at any age. Dr. Carl Pfeiffer was just one of several who studied the aged and found that when people of the same age are compared, those with senility are more likely to be deficient nutritionally. Malnutrition is one cause of reversible senility, as long as the senility has not progressed too far.

The Vital Vitamin B-Complex and Our Brain
We know the B-complex vitamins are essential for all aspects of the nervous system, including brain function. The B vitamins need to be taken together in adequate amounts throughout one’s life.

In a study of 228 individuals between 73 and 102 years of age, 30 percent had low blood levels of one or more B vitamins. These deficiencies occurred even though food intake was adequate and all were taking a daily vitamin supplement. This study suggests that absorption of B vitamins is impaired in a large portion of the geriatric population.

All of the B Vitamins Help With Brain Function

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